Caroline Gresh portrait
Feature Stories 2021: Caroline Gresh
Caroline Gresh

Art + Design: Interior Architecture + Design

About Caroline Gresh

Hi, my name is Caroline Gresh and I am a graduating senior in the Interior Architecture and Design program. I strive to create comfortable and functional designs that depict my eye for depth and color and illustrate the art of which it was inspired. My creative style can be seen through my designs in the use of color, juxtaposition of texture, and a variety of materials. My designs are meant to reflect the purpose of a space through concept. Conceptualizing shapes, objects, and layout allows for a subtle message and unity through the space. 


My senior thesis is the design of a wellness retreat and spa, called “Vortex”. The intention of this retreat is to explore and educate the user on ecotourism; responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education. Located in Sedona, Arizona, Vortex Retreat & Spa encompasses wellness, mind, body, spirit, movement, and nature, synthesizing the guest experience with the surrounding environment to allow them to feel one with the natural world.