Amanda Corshia

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Amanda Corshia self portrait

About Amanda Corshia

Amanda Corshia is a senior in the graphic design program with a minor in photography. She has been designing for five years, starting hersenior year of high school. Amanda then continued to Mount Ida College until it closed in 2018. She then transferred to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to finish her final three years.


Kayla's Kitchen is a cookbook, a series of recipe cards, a puzzle, and a package designed by Amanda Corshia. Her sister Kayla's favorite recipes are brought together into a complete package design. Together, Kayla and Amanda created the desserts and drinks and Amanda photographed them for this project. Ultimately, Amanda wanted to create something that she could give to her family to commemorate their time together during the COVID quarantine.



Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions