Brian Fournier

Art + Design: Illustration

Brian Fournier self portrait

About Brian Fournier

Brian Fournier is a Massachusetts based illustrator. He works in both traditional mediums and digital formats to create his illustrations. He focuses on science fiction and fantasy, primarily through using expressive line work and intricate details. Over the recent years he has adopted the digital interface, allowing him to work more intuitively in creating the vast world that exists within his imagination.

Brian began his educational journey at Bristol Community College, obtaining a Fine Arts transfer degree. He has transferred to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to obtain a BFA in Illustration.


My work focuses on developing intricate compositions of line and color. Much of my work is directed towards themes of science fiction and fantasy. Over the past several years I have focused on developing a signature style, creating compositions that fill up the entire image derived from imagination. The intention is to absorb the viewer into the intricate details, that create the larger image. Much of my work is a homage to the influences that I had as a child growing up in the early 90’s. Saturday morning cartoons, early pixelated video games and the expressiveness of comic books are all major influences on my work. I bring structure into my illustrations with the implication of line work, and I breathe life into my illustrations by using a variety of assorted color palettes. The artwork that I often create is illustration, based through digital and traditional medias. Digital media has been a recent addition to my skill set but has proven itself as the most flexible platform to get my initial ideas into visual portrayal. I’m flexible with various other media that I apply to my work, such as painting, sculpting and screen printing, which I frequently used to expand the portfolio of work I create.

Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions