Cameron Reese

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Cameron Reese portrait


Cameron Reese is a multi-media artist and designer living in the South-coast of Massachusetts. He interested in creating visuals with striking colors and bold typography. Cameron earned his AA in Fine Arts at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts. He is currently finishing up his BFA in graphic design at the College for Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Cameron believes that graphic design has the power to make significant changes in our society and wants to create work that reflects that. 


My capstone project is about creating a space for the LGBT community in Downtown, New Bedford, Massachusetts. While preparing for this class, I started to research queer spaces, and how there is a considerable need for spaces that queer people can go and be themselves. Being an introverted person, I often wonder where I fit in, in my own community. I noticed that the only queer spaces that were around me were either bars or LGBT groups that are mostly being offered to the LGBT youth of the area. So I asked myself, Where do the people go that are apart of the community but are not into the bar scene and are older than 18?

My answer to that question is a Queer cafe. Where people can go and be themselves at any age and without the pressures that going out to a bar can put on someone. My work is the branding for that cafe in which I named Medley. I decided to call it Medley because it was the name of New Bedford’s first newspaper. The definition of the word also reflects what the space has the potential to be, A varied mixture of people or things. Through the use of bright colors and unique typography designed to reflect the meaning of the word, I hope that the branding creates an atmosphere where any member of the community can feel welcomed and a part of something.



Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions