Christina Lysko

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Christina Lysko portrait


Christina Lysko earned her BFA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a concentration in Graphic Design. She draws much of her inspiration from her surroundings and observations of nature. Starting from traditional media and moving into the world of digital  design has pushed her to consider many different types of media when developing a concept. Christina’s work shows her passion for understanding and interacting with the world around her.  


My installation and design revolves around shifting the public’s perception of the seafood in our local waters. Popular species such as cod, lobster, flounder, and blue crab are staples of New England cuisine, but many of these populations are declining because of ecological shifts due to climate change, competition, and overfishing. Alternative and more stable species have begun to increase in population size in the Mid Atlantic as a result of the decline of more well known fish. Many native fish that thrive in New England waters are overlooked by our market because of how they look, the technique required to prepare them, or the fact that people just don’t know they exist. These less sought after fish, often invasive and underutilized, could take the place of popular species in the New England market due to their sustainable qualities and similarities in taste. 

As a consumer, I am aware of the negative impact on the environment caused by the demand of specific fish in the market. It is important that we remain local for our seafood as depending on other places for high demand fish could eventually lead to the irreversible decline of some species. My design seeks to familiarize its audience with alternative New England species through the use of playful illustrations, mouthwatering photography, and relative facts. I am hopeful that the proposed design will benefit the ocean while informing the consumer. 



Alternative Restaurant Website, 2020, a video walkthrough of the website


  1. Alternative Restaurant Installation, 2020, a restaurant table setup with patterned chairs 
  2. Installation Closeup, 2020, a closer look at the restaurant table setup with a menu 
  3. Alternative Restaurant Logo Mark, 2020, the logo mark on the front of the menu cover 
  4. Alternative Restaurant Menu Pattern, 2020, a closeup look at the patterned vellum in the menu 
  5. Alternative Restaurant Menu Spread, 2020, a spread from the restaurant's menu 
  6. Alternative Restaurant Table Tent Closeup, 2020, detail shot of the table tent 
  7. Alternative Restaurant Table Tent, 2020, all three sides of the dynamic table tent 
  8. Coaster Takeaways, 2020, takeaway drink coasters with facts and contact information 
  9. Alternative Restaurant Website, 2020, a snapshot of the website homepage

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions