Danh Dao

Art + Design: Illustration

Danh Dao portrait


I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am the only one person in my family making Art. After earning Diploma in Multimedia from FPT University in Vietnam, I went back on traditional hand drawing and painting and started practicing again. My goal would not stop at graphic design, so I aimed higher and keep my study going on illustration, concept art, sculpture, and animation. Most of my work used selective real photo references to give idea of colors, moods, gestures, color temperature and composition. My favorite artists are illustrator Kim Jung Gi, Atey Ghailan, game director Tetsuya Nomura, Hideki Kamiya, Hideaki Itsuno and Taro Yoko, all their works have a great influence my artworks and painting styles.


Like many Vietnamese teenagers, I got influenced from anime and video game. I was quite passionate with Anime back then, such as Ghibli movies collection, Ghost in the Shell series, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Gundam. I found out myself not just hooking up with Japanese anime, but also Western movies like Star War trilogy, the Pacific, Matrix, and Inception. The time between 2001 and 2005, the revolution of video game started blowing popularly with motion capture technology (it was used for the first time in videogame in 1994-Virtual Fighter2) including Devil May Cry 3 & Onimusha 3, then I immediately got hooked into their virtual world for years. Not like others in high school, I often spend hours on western movies, anime to observe how their script writings, storyboards, or keyframe arts are made instead of doing class assignments. Looking back the concept art and achievements that Kamiya and Itsuno’s group did from Devil May Cry franchise in 2005 make me begin to like painting. After graduating FPT, I started following a few courses relating to video game design which include animation, sculpting, 3d modeling and rigging that help me understand why it interests so many people. Then I realize how obsessive the imagination and creativity make the artist go so far. It became a solid reason for me to choose illustration as my starting point - a strong foundation for concept art.


Email: daodanh321@gmail.com
Website: crazylittlebuddy.artstation.com

Image 13
Steel: Soviet Civil War, M.O.7 droid, 2020, digital painting: optional versions, ground terrain version, night version, and forest terrain version droid
Image 14
Steel: Soviet Civil War, Tank Designs, 2020, digital painting: optional designs, snow, forest and night terrain, invisibility under radar, anti-armor piercing bullet, 2 tactical smoke launchers, railgun on top, 125mm cannon, camouflage capability using nano tech to change color
Image 15
Surrealism World, Flying Fish, 2019, climatologist and her pet, patrol, reporting to forecast tower about the Fish-Pack
Image 16
Surrealism World, Dream, 2019, aquatic biologist, riding fish, hunting treasures, journey, flying fish


  1. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Abandoned Island, 2020, digital painting, old Soviet government secret project, power generators, weather forecast poles, maintenance, patrol
  2. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Catholic Church, 2020, digital painting, ruins of the civil war
  3. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Lancea Bay, 2020, digital painting, ship manufactory, battlefleet docks
  4. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Colonel, 2020, digital painting, antagonist character, dictator, strategist, old soviet soldier
  5. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Erik, 2020, digital painting, protagonist character, survivor, refugee, mechanic, optional poses, engineer, EXO suit and AI engineer
  6. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Civilian Costumes, 2020, digital painting, male outfit designs, long jacket, shirt, modern styles
  7. Steel: Soviet Civil War, The Countdown, 2020, digital painting, A.I rising, destruction, mecha suit, battle droid
  8. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Steel Angels, 2020, digital painting, illustration, deliberation, broken, suffering, temptation
  9. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Weapon Collection, 2020, digital painting, original RPK light machine gun, new design RPK, RPK 50 holographic sight, RPK V23 enhanced thermal sight, RPK V12 red dot sight, original CKC rifle, CKC Nightfall 4x scope, CKC ES 4x scope, CKC Flora night vision scope
  10. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Old Soviet Costumes, 2020, digital painting, old Soviet regime uniform, sergeant uniform, colonel uniform, blue color| navi uniform, rank projector
  11. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Project Cover, 2020, digital painting, eternity sleep, death, sacrifice, decay, bleeding, flesh versus steel
  12. Steel: Soviet Civil War, Mecha Engineer Full Illustration, 2020, digital painting, protagonist illustration, A.I programing, EXO suit design

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions