Fellisha Lynn Desmarais

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Fellisha Lynn Desmarais portrait


My name is Fellisha Desmarais. I am a Massachusetts based librarian, book maker, graphic designer, photographer and studying archivist. My pieces each exist within different realms of the design world. I don’t believe in classifying my work as each piece is drawn from fleeting curiosities within my own world. Instead of separating my practices, I utilize tools gained from all facets of art to bring together my final products. Reoccurring themes in my creative practice are magic, mysticism, and nature as a conduit. In a design partnership or business setting, no two clients are ever alike, therefore I am committed to delivering only the most individual designs to which my clients can hold sacred as an extension of themselves. I hope you enjoy my work and always feel free to reach out, my door is always open.

The Creaky House, 2020, sculptural book made with pine wood, apoxie clay, wire, linen cloth, paper, and deadstock vintage fabric. 12.5 in. h x  6.5 in. w x 7 in. d


The Creaky House is my handmade edition of the Slavik tale of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa The Fair. The Creaky House is a sculptural book and was made to bring magic back into reading. It was built slowly and carefully by hand with pine wood and features hand sculpted chicken legs. The Tale of Baba Yaga book sits atop the structure, hidden until revealed. The pages have been aged and dyed to fit the time period from which the original story came. Today we are ruled by the screen and virtual reality. While technology may be beneficial, it also allows us to forget the childish sense of imagination and mysticism. The house book is meant to bring back the sense of what we cannot see, like a witch taking residence in a living and breathing house that walks the woods on its crooked chicken feet. The house is meant to be held and the book to be discovered, a secret to its owner. It serves as a sculptural collectible to be displayed until the owner wishes to read the tale within or share it. This book was made with intention and holds the power to conjure Baba Yaga herself if the holder seeks guidance from the crone and her friends. 


Email: fellisha45@gmail.com
Instagram: volchitsadaydream

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions