Gabriela Marrero

Art + Design: Animation + Game Arts

Gabriela Marrero portrait

About Gabriela Marrero

Gabriela Marrero is a digital artist from Boston, Massachusetts getting her BFA in Game Art and Animation. She’s always admired animation since she was a child, from cartoons to videogames. Her love and passion for animation never stopped growing and followed her into college where she decided she wanted to make it her career. She hopes to be able to make fun and interesting character designs; whether it be through concept art or digital sculpting, she’s happy to do it all!


Throughout my capstone I focused on the task of world building, and compiling the world and stories I’ve created into an art booklet. During this process, I’ve learned and developed the skill of building a visual library whether it be online resources or photographs taken on walks through nature. My love for nature acts as an influence when making character and environment designs. I’ve also learned my personal workflow and how I make use of 2D pencil sketching and digital illustration to create the characters and environments showcased. The booklet mainly focuses on the key characters integral to the story with snippets of art for the world it takes place in.



Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions