Jeremie Waters

Art + Design: Animation & Game Arts


Jeremie Waters was born in Florida and raised in Plymouth, Hanson, and Pembroke. After graduating from Pembroke High School, he eventually attended Bunker Hill Community College for Computer Security, but somewhat through decided that was not the major that appealed to him the most. He then decided to switch to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for Digital Media Design. His love of superhero films and countless hours of video games often inspire many of the projects he works on and can often find several visual similarities between his work and these linked interests.


My game takes place in Layton Ohio and is a old school first person shooter/hack ‘n’ slash game. In my vision some parts of the game will be more hack ‘n’ slash which will be the primary focus, while some levels will switch to a shooter game like this level for varied gameplay. The level provided takes place in the secret military base of the Ex-Fillia Corporation, a evil organization that is slowly taking over this small town and trying to carry out their sinister deeds. This level shows strong applications of lighting, application of textures, triggering events, and audio cues. 

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions