Julia DeMattia

Art + Design: Animation & Game Arts

Julia DeMattia portrait


Julia DeMattia who also goes by Julia Oliveira graduated as a Game Art and Animation Student. Primarily focusing on Character 3D Modelling and Character Design. She creates short videos with her models as well as tutorials for others to use for reference online. She will be continuing her education next fall towards a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in Interactive Media at Becker College.

Eris and Syven


I was deeply inspired by video game characters from game series like Mass Effect, Divinity Original Sin, and even Halo. Ever since stepping into the video game world, I’ve always wanted to create my own characters and even animate them. My end goal was to create a few of my Dungeons and Dragons characters from previous campaigns that I had played.

I wanted to focus on the technical aspects of the character creation pipeline. When you see the end product of a character model, most people just see the colors and the model itself. Understanding what it means to rig characters and paint skin weights really helped me appreciate the hard work and technical labor of even the basics of characters. I learned through my project that even the simplest of objects still includes countless hours of work. 


Email: julia.inquiries@demattia.net
Website: juliademattia.artstation.com
Instagram: juliademattia.artwork
Youtube: ACrystalTurtle1

Eris’ Statement

Eris is a Birdfolk Sorcerer who most resembles that of a raven. He originally was an adventurer who traveled alone to explore the world, but when he and Syven crossed paths, he agreed to help Syven on his quest. Eris’ love for adventure comes from his need to want to find magical artifacts and conduct research on them.

Syven’s Statement

Syven is my first character I had ever created in Dungeons and Dragons. Syven is the last of the Vel’athon household. The Vel’athon household was one that was based on the arts of war. After the coup that destroyed his house, he sought off to find others that could help him avenge his household and retrieve a long lost artifact.

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions