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Mason Leonard

About Mason Roger Leonard

Mason grew up in the rural town of Langdon, NH. Having no idea what he wanted to do, he decided to major in fashion design in college merely based on the fact he liked to go to the mall and buy clothes. Not knowing how to sew whatsoever upon entering college, Mason persevered and feels it was “the happiest, most oblivious decision he has ever made.” He loves nature, and cares deeply for the environment around him. When not designing, he spends time hanging out with his friends, exploring hiking trails around Massachusetts, and finding inspiration for his next collection. After graduation, he will be working for Accurate Services Inc. in Fall River, MA.


Mason naturally enjoys incorporating surface design into his work. He appreciates working with different textiles, and using fabric manipulation techniques that complement the fabrics he uses. Having a love for nature and the environment, and being globally aware of climate change, he embeds sustainable solutions into his work religiously. His keen sense of creativity and ambition makes him a versatile designer, making clothes for every gender, age, and body type. While he has yet to settle into a niche within the fashion industry, he thoroughly enjoys the experimentational phase of making clothes, through 3D research of draping fabric on the mannequin, to gluing collage images of his inspiration to corquis in his research notebook.


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Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions