Raymond Chen

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Raymond Chen portrait


Raymond Chen was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. Having grown up fascinated with technology he became intrigued at what he saw on the screens. Due to the early influence of technology he has become particularly drawn towards digital based designs such as web, app, and motion design. He enjoys bringing aspects of technology into his designs. The way it is incorporated can range from topic of the design to physically implementing technology into it, such as a smart mirror. Raymond’s work focuses on blending his interest of technology with his detail-oriented design.


Technology surrounds us and we rely on it throughout our day. It has in a sense become a necessity. However, we often take the convenience that modern day technology provides us for granted. People give out their information for free and rarely ever consider the repercussions this information has on their privacy. While the benefits of modern technologies such as GPS, messaging, and much more may be considered overwhelmingly beneficial it is still important to consider the drawbacks.

My project aims to bring attention to the lack of information on the consumer’s privacy and data. Your data is valuable, and everyone should have the information that they need to make an educated decision available to them. Your data and privacy should be under your control.


Email: contact@rchendesigns.com
Website: rchendesigns.com

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions