Touch Exhibition

Woven Imagery class Spring 2020

Meagan Drinan - Intrusive Thoughts
Meagan Drinan - Intrusive Thoughts

I have had the great pleasure of working with a remarkable group of women in the Woven Imagery class this spring; they are perceptive, intelligent, very funny and so generous in their support of each other. For most of them, this is their first experience with tapestry, a technique that demands one’s attention to woven structure and a multitude of variations as well as to the design and composition of color, texture, and image. After they wove samplers to practice tapestry techniques, they collaboratively decided to weave their next works based on the theme of touch, in all its possible references.  - Charlotte Hamlin 

Meagan Drinan

Intrusive Thoughts

I won’t act on this, but the thought still crosses my mind. I should put my hand on it. I’m not going to, but what if I did?

Rosie Amato-Bauer

Now you get a big bruise

This piece is about closing your eyes, pushing your palms to your eyelids, seeing black and colors, feeling a fingernail on the back of your neck, and trying to measure that sensation.

Jeanine Cappuccino

Homage to Saxophone

Our senses can trigger a memory. I chose this image of hands touching the saxophone to keep the memory of my son's elementary and middle school band playing close to my heart. Although, he has taken a break from playing an instrument, what he gained from the experience is the ability to read notes, collaboration, and an appreciation for music.

Madison Colby


This piece is an interpretation of a photo taken on the first trip my partner and I ever went on. We were at a small campsite in Stowe, VT and his hand was on my ankle as I rest my leg on him by the fire pit. Not only is there physical touch occurring within the image the texture of the landscape and denim invites the viewer to touch and experience the emotion and object as the creator. 

Paulina Fuenzalida

Do not touch

In the darkness, I can touch.

Josie Garland

Mending Souls

SungJi Lee

The first step on the world

The mother’s womb is the first universe for a human. There must be a perfect bonding between two different beings, a mother and a baby, by inherent touching and feeling inside the womb. It is the first memory of HOME where we could dwell in sublime love and protection. Nobody remembers it, but we long and desire it through our lives.

Evelyne Lourie


Jenifer McCarthy

Connective Star

Sending and connecting with others by sharing a star.  Sending what represents a soul reminding others that you are with them.

Victoria Pavan

When You Touch Me

In this piece I wanted to capture the squishy, fluffy feelings one thinks they'll have when touched by someone they care about, while juxtaposing that with the reality of a surprisingly dense and rough texture.

Olivia Ploude

Out of Touch

Touch isn’t something that can be physically felt, sometimes it touches your mind instead.

Hannah Thibodeau


I wanted to focus on the comforting side of 'touch', and my cat is a significant source of comfort in my life. A sumac weave felt right to use since it's somewhat plush--but small enough for detail work--and mimics a cozy knit in appearance.

Yilin Wang


Multiple colors represent the different feeling of every touch.

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Gallery Exhibitions