Exhibitions 2018: Take Two

Exhibitions 2018: Take Two
Take Two

February 15 – March 9, 2018. Faculty working collaboratively with colleagues either within the CVPA or outside the college.

Collaborative work by Stacy Latt Savage and Laura Franz
Artwork by Laura Franz and Stacy Latt Savage


Center for Undisciplined Research
James Edwards, Michael Swartz
Janet Fairbairn, Ben Butler, Susan Dye
Janet Fairbairn, Juli Parker, Cynthia E. Cummings, and Professor Fairbairn’s Professional Design Practice Class
Laura Franz and Stacy Latt Savage
Harvey Goldman and Jing Wang
Ziddi Msangi, Kwabena Boateng, and royal hartigan
Elena Peteva and Anthony Fisher

Please Note: The reception is at the same time as the reception for the exhibition Mouthfeel at the Upper Gallery. (Five video artworks exploring the sense of taste and touch curated by Megan Fizell, Sydney, Australia)

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