Exhibitions 2021: Journeys; A Transatlantic Touring Exhibition

Exhibitions 2021: Journeys; A Transatlantic Touring Exhibition
Journeys; A Transatlantic Touring Exhibition

June 30 - July 22, 2021

Printmaking exhibition in Crapo Gallery, Summer 2021

In 2020, twenty printmakers from the Tamar Valley UK and twenty from Cape Cod USA responded to the broad concept of “Journeys.” This exhibition is being shown alongside Black & White to pay homage to Marc St. Pierre’s influence in local printmaking and his involvement with The Printmakers of Cape Cod.

Tamar Valley Printmakers (UK): Eleanor Berrangé, Valerie Burn, Mary Gillett, Oonagh Glancy, Dorothy Hanna, Rosie Kearton, Gay Kent, Mary Macdermott, Tanya Morel, Beth Munro, Marcia Pirie, Ley Roberts, Tania Skeaping, Fi Smart, Rita Smith, Yana Trevail, Masako Whitehouse, Annette Wrathmell

The Printmakers of Cape Cod (USA): Jane Fay Baker, Diana Carns, Mary Doering, Mary Emery, Alice Nicholson Galick, Marcia Goodwin, Ann Guiliani, Leslie Kramer, Jane Lincoln, Deb Mell, Andrea Moore, Gail Nauen, Carol Odell, Liz Perry, Sarah Riley, Sarah David Ringler, Cecilia Rossey, Adrian Tio, Vicky Tomayko, Joyce Zavovskas

Thanks to Leslie Kramer and Adrian Tio for bringing this exhibition to UMass Dartmouth.