Exhibitions 2018: Unforgettable Pebbles

Exhibitions 2018: Unforgettable Pebbles
Unforgettable Pebbles

Nicole Winning solo show. October 11-25, 2018

Nicole Winning - Unforgettable Pebbles

Located in Gallery 244 in the UMASS Star Store building in downtown New Bedford. This is Nicole’s second solo show since beginning her MFA at UMASS. Unforgettable Pebbles is a touring exhibition that reveals the shadows of each city’s struggle in eliminating rape and sexual assault towards women. It’s an interactive installation that invites the viewers into an altered awareness of what it feels like to live with the metaphorical analogy of unforgettable pebbles and to walk beside those who can never forget. 

Nicole currently performed in the local performance art forum, Lunar Teeth, at the Co creative Center and is currently exhibiting her performance art work in South Korea’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Southern Mississippi University and Hunter College in New York. Since 2016 Nicole has already exhibited in over 20 states in 28 exhibitions spanning major museums, universities and private galleries. She intends to graduate with her MFA in 2020 and have Unforgettable Pebbles tour to 15 major cities in the USA and abroad that uses the statistics of each city to inform the viewers of the intimacy of such a large-scale issue of female marginalization. You can follow her work at www.theaccumulatingbody.com