We are all Contagious We are all Contagious: Jared Schuster

We are all Contagious We are all Contagious: Jared Schuster
Jared Schuster

Duluth, MN

As an undergraduate student preparing to graduate in the coming months, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many unforeseen challenges to navigate through, raising many unanswerable questions. As the environment became increasingly intense during the beginning of the pandemic, I began to question everything about the fragile societal systems that we are bound to. With persistent scattered thoughts and anxieties about the global economic, occupational, and educational uncertainties, the mind becomes chaos. Through the discord and turmoil, though, people are showing deep human compassion, unity, and dignity. However, there should not need to be a global disaster in order for humans to work together. The culmination of experience makes the world what it is, and understanding each other is valuable to the progression of humanity. Sharing individual experiences are important to expand the human perspective, so this is a glimpse of my own. Beauty can be made from chaos.

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Can You Hear Me?, 2020, photography, 8" x 10"