Exhibitions We are all Contagious: Warner Ball
Warner Ball

Marshall, MI

The isolation I've experienced since the beginning this pandemic has inspired me to explore new artistic media. Since beginning my quarantine, I've worked with cyanotype. Cyanotype, as well as the drug Truvada, are known for their novel blue hue. My work often revolves around queerness and domesticity. The floral fabric and doilies in my work ground the imagery in themes related to the home, however the pills visible in my work are grounded in LGBTQ culture, as Truvada is a pill queer people take to minimize the transmission risk of HIV. We often associate queer art with angst and responses to inhospitable social environments. However my art references queer imagery as a tactic to normalize it. By showcasing queer themes with domestic imagery such as doilies and floral pattern, LGBTQ issues are normalized as a household issue, the way it is mundane for the bulk of the queer community.

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Truvada Blue, 2020, cyanotype on fabric, 20" x 16" x 1.5"