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Major and Course Registration Information

Explore College of Engineering majors, minors, concentrations, and accelerated BSMS programs:

College of Engineering students are required to meet with their academic advisor at least once every semester to discuss their course plan and degree progress. Follow these steps for a productive meeting with your academic advisor.

Step 1: Review COIN

  • make note of your upcoming enrollment appointment
  • address any holds or to-do items listed in your account
  • make note of your academic advisor's name and contact information

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor

Step 3: Prepare for the meeting with you academic advisor(s)

  • access your curriculum information and flowchart
    • indicate which courses you have completed/currently completing (use your advisement report in COIN for assistance with university studies requirements)
    • indicate the courses you plan to enroll in for the upcoming semester - you should also add them to your shopping cart* in COIN (see COIN videos for assistance)
  • explore opportunities related to your major such as a concentration or minor

Step 4: Attend the meeting

  • come with questions and be prepared to talk
  • if you need to reschedule, notify your academic advisor as soon as possible

Step 5: Follow through after the meeting

  • confirm your advising hold has been removed
  • double check the courses in your shopping cart
  • finish enrolling on your enrollment date (eligible to begin enrolling at 7:30a on this date)
  • confirm your enrollment is complete by viewing the upcoming semester's schedule in your COIN Student Services Center
  • address any error messages or concerns with your academic advisor

*REMINDER - placing classes in your shopping cart does not hold you a seat in the course. You must finish enrolling on (or after) your enrollment date.

If you are currently a UMass Dartmouth student, you may apply to change to a major within the College of Engineering by meeting our change of major standards. This information is also available in a PDF format (Change of Major Handout [PDF]). Reach out to ES3 advisor early in this process to be advised on these requirements and course selections for registration.

Students looking to transfer to UMass Dartmouth for engineering can learn more by visiting our New & Prospective Student.

University policies:

Student forms are available at the Registrar's site, such as:

  • Academic records FERPA waiver
  • Change of major/dual major
  • Course overload form
  • Directed study (day school)
  • Independent study (day school)
  • Prior approval form (to take a course at another university or college). For a list of pre-approved courses, check the Transfer Dictionary.

Visit: Registrar Forms

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