Exhibitions 2022: Untitled Business

Exhibitions 2022: Untitled Business
Untitled Business

Installation + Performances Scheduled February 7-18, 2022

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Untitled Business is a new hybridizing installation + performance that facilitates experimental collaboration between Daniel S. Deluca and 11 other guest artists (see links below).  Invited artists will collaborate through a mix of live and virtual encounters and pre-recorded videos. The material and experiential elements will accumulate and feedback throughout the two-week exhibition.  Numerous conversations emerge through overlap and points of divergence in each artist’s research and practice. Topics of exploration include Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, and Systems; Embodiment, Nature, and Race; Archives, Memory, and Information; Art, Commerce, and Value. This project encourages the public to observe and interact with these playful experiments in person and via a live stream on the internet.

Artists and Live Stream Times

Live stream can be accessed at: @danielsdeluca


February 8, 2pm-5pm - Kevin Clancy
Web: kevinclancy.studio

February 10, 3-6pm - Clareese Hill

February 11, 10am-1pm - Sandrine Schaefer
Web: sandrineschaefer.com

February 14: 12pm-3pm - Vlada Benedetti
Web: bradleybenedetti.com

February 15: 10am-1pm - Tai Jimenez
Web: taijimenez.com

February 16: 2pm-5pm - Coorain Devin
Web: coorain.com

February 17: 3pm-6pm - Dell Marie Hamilton
Web: dellmhamilton.com

February 18: 11am-4pm - Zayde Buti
Web: zaydebuti.com

February 7-11, 14-18: 9ish-5pm-ish - Daniel S. DeLuca
Web: danielsdeluca.com

Reoccurring videos and Conversations

Allison Leigh Holt
Web: oillyoowen.com

Corinne Spencer
Web: corinnespencer.com

Sasha Stiles
Web: sashastiles.com