Exhibitions 2020: Fall 2020 Foundations End-Of-Semester Exhibition

Exhibitions 2020: Fall 2020 Foundations End-Of-Semester Exhibition
Fall 2020 Foundations End-Of-Semester Exhibition

UMass Dartmouth Online Exhibition

Structural Drawing
Artwork by Kendra Pennor


This exhibition celebrates the work of Foundations students in the fall semester of 2020. In this unprecedented time, they continued to imagine, research, experiment, and make, in the process producing many thoughtful and compelling works.

All work featured here was produced in one of our four Foundations Studio classes- FOU 110 Structural Drawing, FOU 120 2D Form and Surface, FOU 130 3D Form and Space, and FOU 140 Digital Essentials.

We would like to thank Cynthia Schilling for helping to gather the material for this exhibition, Joy Miller for her technical support, and Paula Medeiros for implementing the website. We would also like to thank the Foundations faculty for their hard work this semester, and Jason Loete for his tireless labor behind the scenes. And last but not least, we would like to congratulate all our students for the the care, perseverance and ingenuity they brought to their work under such challenging circumstances.

-Gabo Camnitzer, Director of Foundations

The Studio Art Foundations program at CVPA is a one year program offered to all incoming Art and Design freshman. The curriculum introduces students to the foundational theories and practices of art and design, helping them to develop the creative and conceptual tools necessary to succeed as artists and designers. Across four studio classes, a seminar and Art History course, students experiment with a wide range of materials and techniques, while learning how to think critically about the role of art and design in society.