Exhibitions 2021: 2021 Art + Design Senior Exhibition

Exhibitions 2021: 2021 Art + Design Senior Exhibition
2021 Art + Design Senior Exhibition

Online, and in the Campus Gallery April 8-15, and April 22-29, 2021

2021 Art + Design Senior Exhibition announcement

Virtual Celebration and Artist Talks

Thursday, May 6, 5:00 PM 
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Creative work will be presented from students in Animation + Game Arts, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Architecture + Design, Jewelry/Metals, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.

Exhibitions at the CVPA Campus Gallery

This year, we are celebrating the accomplishments of the 2021 Art + Design Seniors in virtual exhibition on our website, Zoom Virtual Celebration and Artist Talks as well as a two part exhibition at CVPA Campus Gallery.

Visitors outside of the UMassD community are invited to reserve a free timed ticket to view the gallery exhibition.

The virtual event for students, faculty, staff, family and wider community on Thursday, May 6 at 5:00 PM will feature students speaking from several disciplines as well as a slideshow of all exhibiting artists and designers. CVPA Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Student Success Jason Loete and Gallery Director Viera Levitt will be moderating the evening introduced by the CVPA Dean Lawrence Jenkens. We will conclude with a celebratory toast to our students and remarks by several faculty.

Animation + Game Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration
Thursday, April 22–29

Exhibiting Artists

Maddy Bettencourt (Graphic Design)
Sydney Brake (Illustration)
Harrison Collins (Illustration)
Alison Dawes (Animation + Game Arts)
Jacq Ducharme (Graphic Design)
Ashlianna Felix (Illustration)
Veronica Ferreira (Illustration)
Brian Fournier (Illustration)
Lyndsey Getchell (Graphic Design)
Rebecca Hope (Illustration)
Jackson "Mako" Burke (Animation + Game Arts)
Marcus Johnson (Animation + Game Arts)
Sophie Keevan (Illustration)
Jonathan (JT) Lerew (Graphic Design)
Sarena Letourneau (Graphic Design)
Jade Miner (Illustration)
Pat Nee (Illustration)
Rain (Illustration)
Margo Rego (Graphic Design)
Abbey Rogers (Illustration)
Kevin Ronan (Illustration)
Jenna Ruel (Illustration)
Sarah Silva (Graphic Design)
Alison Simao (Graphic Design)
Grace Sylvia (Illustration)
James Tooker (Graphic Design)
Anna Urdi (Animation + Game Arts)
Styles Vazquez (Graphic Design)

Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Thursday, April 8–15

Exhibiting Artists

Madison Colby, Jewelry/Metals
Cindy Gordon, Ceramics
Victoria Elizabeth Jones, Ceramics
Lydia Kydland, Sculpture
Ethan Lassey, Photography
Shannon Lynch, Photography
Ahmad MaJing, Jewelry/Metals
Tyler Molander, Painting
David Moriarty, Photography
Xinyi Pang, Jewelry/Metals
Gina Pantalone, Photography
Jenna Pierce, Photography
Tiffani Pothier, Photography
Braden Putney, Painting
Kane Reese, Photography
Tessa Remy-Miller, Painting
Noah Tavares, Photography
Ally Watts, Drawing
Mingjue Zhu, Integrated Studio Arts