Exhibitions 2017: Inner Space & Outer Limits

Exhibitions 2017: Inner Space & Outer Limits
Inner Space & Outer Limits

Reception: AHA! Night, Thursday, June 8, 6 – 8 PM Exhibiting artists: Lauren Ceike, Amy Cuneo, Nicole Daviau, Mark Eshbaugh, Hannah Ferrante, Richard Gombar, Sadie Harmon, Nancy Grace Horton, Rosa Ibarra, Henry Kunkel, Amanda Lachapelle, George LoCascio, Corey Marsh, Nancy McCormcack, Jane McNeil-McKeag, Meghan Murray, Annie Narrigan, Kolin Perry, Will Premru, Erin Reid, Emily Sandagata, Victoria Taylor, David White, Katherine Wildman, Charlotte Young, Lauren Zaknoun

Inner Space & Outer Limits Gallery Postcard

Inner Space & Outer Limits highlights work of Art All-State participants, either as students or artist-mentors, for the past 30 years. 
Jurors: Jessica Hong and Jeffrey De Blois, ICA Boston.

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Exhibiting artists: 
Lauren Ceike
Amy Cuneo
Nicole Daviau
Mark Eshbaugh
Hannah Ferrante
Richard Gombar
Sadie Harmon
Nancy Grace Horton
Rosa Ibarra
Henry Kunkel
Amanda Lachapelle
George LoCascio
Corey Marsh
Nancy McCormcack
Jane McNeil-McKeag
Meghan Murray
Annie Narrigan
Kolin Perry
Will Premru
Erin Reid
Emily Sandagata
Victoria Taylor
David White
Katherine Wildman
Charlotte Young
Lauren Zaknoun