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 Benjamin Winslow


Faculty photo - Ben WinslowBenjamin Winslow

Full-Time Lecturer

Ph.D. 2011, Wesleyan University

Morphological Evolution

Email: bwinslow@umassd.edu
Phone: 508-999-8803 
Office: Science and Engineering Building, Room 320






My research explores the developmental mechanisms of morphological evolution.  I combine molecular techniques with methods from classic embryology to address how parts of the vertebrate skeleton acquire their particular shapes.  I have recently been using the toes of birds as a model to address how joints and cartilage interact during development to establish the relative size of each skeletal element.



 Recent Publications | Graduate Students |  Courses



  • Atypical molecular profile for joint development in the avian costal joint.  Winslow, B., Burke, A.  2010.  Developmental Dynamics.  Oct: 239(10): 2547-57.
  • Global patterning of the vertebrate mesoderm.  Winslow, B., Takimoto-Kimura R., Burke A.  2007.  Developmental Dynamics.  Sep; 236(9): 2371-81

Recent Graduate Students



Courses Dr. Winslow Include:

  • General Biology I (BIO101)
  • General Biology II (BIO 102)
  • Molecular Biology (BIO427/527)


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