Richard Connor





Violette Research 215


1982University of California at Santa CruzB.A. in Biology
1990University of MichiganPh.D in Biology


  • Marine Mammals
  • Biology of Populations
  • Biology of Marine Mammals
  • Animal Behavior


Research Interests

  • Alliances formed by adult males in competition over estrus females
  • Marine behavior and ecology
  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Altruism and mutualism
  • The evolution of social systems

Select publications

Connor, R.C. & Krützen, M. (2015).
Male dolphin alliances in Shark Bay: changing perspectives in a thirty-year study
Animal Behavior, 103, 223-235.

Connor, R.C., J.J. Watson-Capps, W.B. Sherwin & M. Krützen (2011).
New levels of complexity in the male alliance networks of Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.)
Biology Letters, 7, 623-626.

Connor, R.C. (2007).
Complex alliance relationships in bottlenose dolphins and a consideration of selective environments for extreme brain size evolution in mammals
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, 362, 587-602.

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