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Computer Science Online MS

Earn your master’s degree from UMassD

The UMass Dartmouth online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program is 100% online and provides a broad and deep knowledge of computer science with an emphasis on software development. The University also offers a full-time, on-campus MSCS program.

Students with a BS in a field other than Computer Science or Computer Engineering may be required to complete 4 fully online courses in computer science fundamentals that may be finished within one year. The GRE requirement is waived for students successfully completing the UMass Dartmouth Computer Science online certificate.


UMass Dartmouth online Master of Science in Computer Science students must complete 30 credits to graduate. Candidates must complete a master’s project working one-on-one with a faculty member.

Through the MSCS graduate courses, students:

  • Work on realistic scale projects
  • Gain experience working as a team member and as a project leader
  • Learn to conduct independent research and present results orally and in writing
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to develop and design high quality computer systems and application software

Department Resources

  • Free remote access to computer lab machines
  • High-performance computing cluster used for research
  • Specialized research labs for student projects

UMass Dartmouth Advantages

Customize your education and receive the help and guidance to finish as planned:

  • UMassD online Master’s in Computer Science ranked in the Top 20 nationally by Computer Science Online
  • Value and affordability of a UMass education
  • One-on-one personal advising from enrollment through graduation
  • Limited class size ensures individualized interaction with professors

Sample Course Offerings

Examples of courses offered in the Master of Science in Computer Science include (course offerings subject to change):

  • Paradigmatic Software Development
  • Software System Design
  • Database Design
  • Advanced Bioinformatics
  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Neural Computing

Learning Style: Online

Online courses are taught by UMass Dartmouth faculty and seasoned practitioners to provide high quality instruction and personal attention. Students have the flexibility to accommodate work and home responsibilities within the structure of defined assignment due dates.

More information

MSCS Online Preparatory Program: For students with BS degrees in fields other than Computer Science or Computer Engineering, we offer a preparatory program consisting of 4 online courses in computer science fundamentals. This preparatory program is fully online and may be finished within one year.

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