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Faculty and Staff
Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon
Leading a first-of-its-kind U.S.–India oceanographic research team to improve the forecasting of monsoon and extreme weather events across the Indian subcontinent.
Majors & Minors
UMassD Engineering Data Science

Data Science
An interdisciplinary approach to this emergent field, building on the university’s centers of excellence in engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics and an array of academic disciplines.

Engineering News

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July 8, 2015
UMass Dartmouth professor researching if re-refined engine oil in asphalt mix can past the test on New England roads
Civil & Environmental Engineering Professor Walaa Mogawer receives $550,131 from MassDOT to evaluate performance of a New England asphalt mixture designed using asphalt binders modified with Re-Refined Engine Oil Bottoms (REOB)
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June 19, 2015
Q&A on Cardinals-Astros 'Hacking' Investigation
This first of its kind investigation for the MLB is examined by Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Lance Fiondella
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June 16, 2015
UMass Dartmouth team that used PS3s to build supercomputers now turning to bitcoin mining computers
Bitcoin mining investors donate supercomputers to aid research at UMass Dartmouth
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May 27, 2015
Global Aquaculture Alliance and Preferred Freezer Services partnership empowers UMass Dartmouth students to build global aquaculture facilities database
UMass Dartmouth launches Preferred Freezer Services/Global Aquaculture Alliance Summer Internship Project
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May 22, 2015
Data Science for a Sustainable Future
UMass Dartmouth will be kicking off the Preferred Freezer Services/Global Aquaculture Alliance Summer Internship Project on Tuesday, May 26 at 11:00 AM at the Foster Administration Building, Board of Trustees Room.
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May 15, 2015
Senator Edward Markey encourages students that "For every selfie you take, consider what action you can take selflessly"
UMass Dartmouth celebrates Class of 2015 College of Nursing, College of Engineering, College of Visual & Performing Arts, and School for Marine Science & Technology
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April 25, 2015
Engineering student Matthew Crossman (ECE) wins Best Paper Award at the Homeland Security Conference
Matthew A. Crossman, ECE Senior, won the Conference Best Paper Award, jointly with his advisor Prof. Hong Liu, at 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST), for their paper titled "Study of Authentication with IoT Testbed".
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April 7, 2015
Five UMass Dartmouth alumni to take part in Engineering and Business Innovation Panel April 8
UMass Dartmouth's College of Engineering and Charlton College of Business will welcome five alumni to campus for a panel discussion on careers in innovative industries tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, 2015
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April 2, 2015
U.S. Senator Edward Markey to address UMass Dartmouth College of Engineering, College of Nursing, College of Visual & Performing Arts, and School of Marine Science & Technology Class of 2015
Senator Markey to receive Chancellor's Medal and offer Keynote Address at May 15 Commencement combined ceremony
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March 26, 2015
UMass Dartmouth professor's research helps improve teamwork of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)
Office of Naval Research awards Engineering Professor Ramprasad Balasubramanian $225,000 grant to address communication challenges in achieving multi-UUV autonomy