Jordan Blankenship Process
MFA 2022 Artists MFA 2022 Artists: Jordan Blankenship
Jordan Blankenship

UMass Dartmouth 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition

About Jordan Blankenship

Jordan Blankenship is a functional ceramic designer; she explores developing modular ceramic sets that play with systems and outcomes that challenge expected limitations. Blankenship holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Gulf Coast University and is working towards her Master of Fine Arts degree in ceramics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Currently, Jordan’s collections can be found through partnerships with retailers across the United States. Jordan works from her studio in Estero, Florida where she continues to hone her craft.


The development of my articulated functional forms comes from the experience of using objects in my daily routines, creating rituals that encourage a desire to slow down. I respect comfortable and efficient design responding to a culture that moves too fast and has too much.

My ceramic sets facilitate modern life's daily rituals that bring us joy by rethinking the very way we live with them. Each component can adapt to individual preferences, entertaining the duality between the domestic household's simple and complex habits. I use design thinking to understand everyday spatial challenges; by creating versatile custom cabinets for my work. I develop solutions that help enrich our everyday moments offering intelligent, compact, and efficient solutions while in use or being stored.