Yurie Hayashi process
MFA 2022 Artists MFA 2022 Artists: Yurie Hayashi
Yurie Hayashi

UMass Dartmouth 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition

About Yurie Hayashi

Yurie Hayashi was born in Japan and grew up in a small countryside town. She first attended Osaka Gakuin University, then decided to major in Fine Arts in the United States, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Hayashi will earn her MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in May 2022.


My work is drawn from the painstaking scrutiny of models I create from cheap objects, fabrics, wood, etc. I find lying around in my studio. Often, brightly colored abstract shapes, patterns, and words represent the chaos of relentless information bombarding our everyday lives. A cacophony of colors, shapes, and visual puns reflect my perceptions on our discordant world.