Fallon Keiko Navarro portrait
MFA 2024 Artists MFA 2024 Artists: Fallon Keiko Navarro
Fallon Keiko Navarro

UMass Dartmouth 2024 MFA Thesis Exhibition

About Fallon Keiko Navarro

New Bedford, Massachusetts-based ceramic artist Fallon Navarro utilizes unexpected material combinations and color to reimagine narratives and call to attention new ways of being in the world. Her work invites viewers to contemplate the nuanced interplay of time, identity, and the body in her distinctive artistic language. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Fallon received her BFA in Ceramics at Arizona State University. She is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate in Ceramics.


By organizing individual-built ceramic objects and utilizing the familiar and unfamiliar, I create a physical dialogue of hybrid environments. Coiling, pinching, and piping become a form of embodied ritual, tactile processes that document and physicalize time. Utilizing these meticulous, repetitive processes, accumulation and layering become a vehicle for translating my inner world into tangible objects. I employ a visual language of lattices, grids, and screens to create and reimagine functional objects. Using negative space, color, the organic tilt of the object, and the overt intention of a drip, I further highlight a coexistence of dualities between seen/unseen and interior/exterior. The juxtaposition of distorted elements within familiar settings prompts reconsidering what is known. My work emerges as a tangible reflection of the unseen inner forces that shape our physical and emotional landscapes, encouraging myself and viewers to make space for the unknown.