News News: Celebrating Susan Potter-Alves

News News: Celebrating Susan Potter-Alves
Celebrating Susan Potter-Alves

WEP honors Susan Potter Alves for her work as Digital Literacy Coordinator.

The Workers’ Education Program recently acknowledged and celebrated the work of Susan Potter Alves, Digital Literacy Coordinator and Instructor. For the past 21 years, Susan has consistently put the needs of the WEP’s students first.

During the COVID shutdown, the WEP immediately moved to teaching and advising students online. At that time, Susan was inundated with requests for help from teachers and staff. Susan’s responsiveness was amazing, her patience commendable, and her skill set invaluable. She responded to all while moving her own two classes online and prioritizing her students. This was clearly above the expectation, but she never let us down.

During the first COVID summer, Susan led the way to move the WEP to an entirely online format. Susan continued to find answers to our questions. The results were unbelievable, our teachers were brought on board, and our students benefitted from her commitment to them. During the second COVID summer, Susan oversaw the WEP’s move to a hybrid format: a mix of in-person classes and online instruction. There was no rest for her, and she once again devoted her summer to the program. The constant emails and requests continued throughout the summer, and Susan responded to them all.

The most recent demonstration of her commitment to serving our students where the need is greatest came in September. In response to a survey, many students in the Adult Basic Education/High School Equivalency classes indicated they would only attend school online. For a variety of reasons, it was clear that this class would have to be delivered in a separate, fully online format. It would require a teacher with the appropriate technology skills who was willing to try something new. No surprise, Susan sacrificed her in-person class, and stepped up to facilitate the online course. It could not have been the most desirable situation for her, but it was certainly the best decision for the WEP and those students who needed a teacher.

For Susan’s selflessness in assuming tasks at the WEP, and for her service to the program’s mission and our students, we honor Susan and thank her for her many contributions to our program.