Angela Rosa self portrait
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Angela Rosa
Angela Rosa

Art + Design: Illustration

About Angela Rosa

Angela Rosa is an illustrator and local from New Bedford, Massachusetts. They've always had a love for visual arts and media—so much so, it culminated in a bachelor's degree in Illustration. With a head that is bursting at the seams with characters and interweaving narratives, they had decided to explore comics and storytelling in their thesis at UMass Dartmouth.


I’ve created a collection of illustrations and a snippet of the origin story of the Re:Agents, a fictional band with classic cheesy, humble origins and plenty of hypothetical shenanigans to ensue. With this project, I wished to combine my interests in character design, comics, and the ungodly number of hours I have devoted to researching music subgenres. It’s becoming a problem. But in the end, I managed to create a series and world that I’m proud of, problems and all.