Floingdesign, 2023, stylized text of my design brand Floingdesign along with a vector line pattern, 11.25 x 20 in.
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Flo Garcia
Flo Garcia

Art + Design: Graphic Design

About Flo Garcia

Flo Garcia is an Afro-Hispanic designer who was born in Kissimmee FL and raised in Fall River MA. He came into art and design through the bright and colorful designs of video game manuals and covers he saw as a child.


This project, titled, “Floing Streamer Design”, like most of Flo’s projects in college, came from a place of curiosity. The question this time being, “What would it be like to design for streamers?” Flo wanted to pursue this curiosity with as much attention and energy as he could give it while also learning about himself as a designer and person; where his passions lie, the areas that he excels in, or he could improve upon or ask for help with. This project will help start the next part of his life, a part where he’s less hard on himself, where he can appreciate things more, and enjoy being in the moment more.