Ashley Miranda portrait
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda

Art + Design: Graphic Design | Illustration Minor

About Ashley Miranda

Ashley Miranda is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based out of Massachusetts, graduating in the spring semester of 2023 with a BFA in Graphic Design and Minor in Illustration. Ashley’s love for graphic design started during her junior year of high school where she was involved in many design competitions. She currently specializes in branding and identity, UX/UI, packaging design and typography. Ashley’s use of illustration has helped her create new and interesting patterns, shapes and designs with very vibrant colors that you will find within the majority of her work. Ashely’s love for design has allowed her to be very open minded about learning and experimenting new things, she is not afraid to take on new challenges and incorporate the new methods or experiments into her work.


Mary arena is a tropical, sophisticated semi-precious jewelry brand that focuses not only on Jewelry but allowing others to be knowledgeable about the Dominican culture and its fascinating facts. One of the highlighted pieces in Maryarena is the Larimar stone. The Larimar stone is a unique stone only found in the Dominican Republic. The stone is so important to the Dominican culture that it was announced to be considered a political symbol due to its high numbers of attraction from tourists. Maryarena is meant to not just be your typical jewelry brand but a brand that will allow everyone to carry the love of the Dominican culture with them. This brand explores further into Dominican culture by highlighting key areas that tourist may not know about because of our well known (Punta Cana). As a Dominican descendant myself I found it very important to highlight that the well-known Punta Cana isn’t what symbolizes us Dominicans as a whole. I wanted to take this opportunity and highlight that the Dominican Republic is a beautiful island filled with beautiful hidden gems and people. This brand is not just any jewelry brand, but a brand intended to bring awareness to how beautiful the Dominican Republic is. Maryarena is not just considered a love letter to the Dominican Republic alone but, a love letter to my number one supporter. Growing up I watched my mom Grisel do all kinds of fascinating jewelry, now that I am older, I wanted to honor her vision and create her brand as a whole. Throughout the process of this brand, I took on numerous creative roles such as being the photographer, designer, producer and social media director all in which I explored new ways of working and taking on multiple responsibilities at the same time.