Talia Eiten portrait
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Talia Eiten
Talia Eiten

Art + Design: Graphic Design

About Talia Eiten

Talia Eiten is a Graphic Designer and creative based in Boston, Massachusetts. She was first introduced to Graphic Design through her love for digital collage work. It was Talia’s High School art teacher who pushed her to experiment in Graphic Design, after coming across her work. Since then, her love for Graphic Design has grown immensely.

Currently, Talia is working to complete her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. During her four years at the university, she discovered her passion for layout, typography, and web design. Talia recently had the opportunity to intern for an online magazine called Her Campus. At Her Campus, she focused primarily on designing graphics for their popular social media pages. Once she completes her studies, Talia will begin working as a Graphic Designer and dreams of one day becoming a creative director.

Let Love Grow

Let Love Grow is a series of wedding stationary that Talia designed for two of her close friends, and couple, Mackensie and Chloe. She drew great inspiration from their mutual love for the outdoors, specifically wild flowers. The project is a combination of Talia’s passion for Graphic Design blended with Event Planning.