Worthington E. Dennis self portrait
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Worthington E. Dennis
Worthington E. Dennis

Art + Design: Illustration

About Worthington Dennis

Originally from Cleveland, I moved to Massachusetts to pursue art school. I create digital illustration that exudes drama, inspired by my love of Greek sculptures and baroque art. I am looking to work as a concept artist or visual development artist with studios on a film or game.


I developed this series on a fantastical royal family to highlight my technical skills, such as attention to detail, my understanding of different surfaces and materials, and my knowledge of color theory, as well as showcase my storytelling and conceptual ability. The story is about how the passing of the queen affected her family and kingdom through before and after illustrations. This also sparked the opportunity to unleash my worldbuilding and character design skills. I gave each family member striking silhouettes to differentiate them from each other.  The setting was influenced by the Scottish Highlands and beautiful mountains that tower over you. The characters were inspired by highland cattle that roam these lands.