Bianca Laslo self portrait
2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Bianca Laslo
Bianca Laslo

Art + Design: Illustration

About Bianca Laslo

Bianca Laslo is an undergraduate student pursuing a BFA in Illustration with a minor in Sculpture at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She graduated from Bristol Community College with an Associate’s in Fine Art. Her work focuses heavily on using light to bring shape to hazy, dream-like environments, drawing upon dark, surreal imagery from her imagination.


By summoning light from the obscurity of shadow, my work takes form and flows into the otherworldly. Ghostly entities and miasmal environments emerge to establish a world different from our own while maintaining a connection to the past. Through these pieces, I aim to inject the viewer into this surrealist realm and administer a dose of subtle foreboding. 

Texture is an integral part of these illustrations. By mimicking the appearance of charcoal, ink, and graphite, I strive to give the appearance of traditional media. Grounding the drawings in this way has allowed me to delve fully into constructing fragmented realities. 

Implementing mood and tonality is also vital to my work. Moments of visual ambiguity urge the viewer to conjure their own conclusions. While the narratives are intentionally left unspecified, nebulous shadows combined with powerful light, shrouded figures, and enigmatic spaces lead the viewer to understand that they are prying into scenes not meant for them. The atmosphere is that of a silent instance before the viewer is acknowledged. These uncomfortable respites are the essence of this series.