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2023 Senior Exhibition Artists 2023 Senior Exhibition Artists: Savonne Pickett
Savonne Pickett

Art + Design: Fashion Design

About Savonne Pickett

Savonne Pickett is an artist from Worcester Massachusetts who experiments with different art forms to evoke various thoughts in the viewer. She attends UMass Dartmouth's CVPA where she pursues a degree in Fashion Design to further explore her potential as an artist and designer. 


My work as an artist is very versatile. My goal as a designer is to expand on the nature of becoming more experimental within my work. Being able to work with artistic thought and apply them in physical way inspires me to create connections through my art for myself and also for others.  My collection Beige Mango is inspired by the attributes of love through my experience of femininity. With this collection I was really focused on capturing the physical embodiment of emotion one might feel when loving another person, whether it's subtle or extreme. I wanted to express a different aura through each outfit but still keep it connected through soft, playful silhouettes.