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Computer & Information Science

Designing a better world for tomorrow

In today’s economy, everything is connected. And those connections are created by computer scientists who harness technology and imagination to make everything work better.

No limits to what you can do

Student Allina Dolor: There’s such a wide range of what you can do in computer science. You can add systems to anything.

Student Savi Chavan: It’s not just technology: it goes in every direction possible. You’re creating and maintaining the thing you’re interested in.

In UMass Dartmouth’s Computer Science & Information program, students learn how to build computer systems and how to program them—with a strong base in both hardware and software design.

Savi: At first, it’s terrifying. With my first computer science class, I thought: why did I do this to myself? But, you will learn—and once you get the basics down, there are no limits to what you can do.

Real-world experience: capstone projects

Every student’s training culminates in a year-long capstone project that lets them solve a real-world problem in a teamwork environment.

Student Jeff Paquette: We got the experience to develop something from start to finish. A lot of research involved…a lot of experimentation, and none of us had worked on something to that level before.

Allina: You’re constantly meeting with your teammates to be sure everything is going well. You’re constantly meeting with your customer to be sure you have what they need. You’re finding out what your strengths and weaknesses are—and what other people’s strengths are.

Savi: It ended up being really useful. In real life, we’re not going to know everything about the project we get. We learn how to work with the customer, we learn how to go through with requirements.

Resources for student success

Allina: At first, I was pretty intimidated. But all the resources here at UMass definitely helped me succeed.

Jeff: It’s been a great experience. All the professors have been very encouraging about getting the students to experiment and try new things.

Savi: When you see your creations come together, there’s nothing to surpass that feeling. You’ve created something, and it’s working, it’s stable, and it’s incorporated properly. It’s a really good feeling.

Computing and Information Science at UMass Dartmouth: designing a better world for tomorrow.

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