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U.S. Government Departments

Massachusetts State Agencies

For certifications and apostilles on transcripts and other documents leaving the U.S.: Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

For obtaining a marriage license in Massachusetts:

For applying for a U.S. driver's license: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

Local Government Offices

Human Rights Organizations and Legal Organizations

Education Resources


UMassD Off-Campus Housing listing

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a service to students with the understanding that the University has not inspected the rentals and cannot warrant their condition, nor can the University guarantee the professional behavior of the property owners or managers. A written rental agreement is recommended. Although care is taken to provide correct information, there may be unintended errors, changes or deletions without notification. Users of this information communicate, contract and do business with individuals, companies, or firms at their own risk. The University, officers, agents, and employees of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shall not be liable for any errors or omissions made in the compilation or printing of this information.

Educational Testing


Massachusetts and Rhode Island news media 

National news media

International news media

Cultural Events & Cultural Interests


Financial Aid


Immigration Scams Avoiding Immigration Scams


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