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Data Reports

Data Reports

Every year, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Office of Institutional Research and Assessment compiles and produces Semi-annual Data Reports. The Fall Data Book includes Enrollment, Admissions and Degrees Conferred information and also contains summer statistics. The Spring Data Book includes Enrollment and Admissions Data relating to the spring semester and also includes intersession statistics. The following links are the books in PDF format.


Fall Data Reports

Fall 1998 Fall 1999 Fall 2000 Fall 2001 Fall 2002
Fall 2003 Fall 2004 Fall 2005 Fall 2006 Fall 2007
Fall 2008 ** Fall 2009 Fall 2010 Fall 2011 ** Fall 2012 **
Fall 2013        





Spring Data Reports

Spring 1999 Spring 2000 Spring 2001 Spring 2002 Spring 2003
Spring 2004 Spring 2005 Spring 2006 Spring 2007 Spring 2008
Spring 2009 Spring 2010 Spring 2011 Spring 2012 Spring 2013





** Revised Edition






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