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Foster Administration building with leaves turning red due to the autumn season

Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is charged with supporting the creation, implementation, and maintenance of an information-driven, decision-making culture.

There are two primary roles fulfilled by the office:

Institutional Research and Assessment - Creates and provides statistical summaries of student characteristics, enrollment information, admissions trends, degrees issued, and legal information pertaining to the University. It provides data for internal and external audiences including the UMass President's office, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, and the Federal government. Designs and manages the programs and processes that enable UMass Dartmouth to look at itself and determine if it is fulfilling its mission. It researches data and produces information and analyses; does strategic planning, studies specific issues and implements the recommended course of action; conceptualizes and manages data systems; analyzes and recommends on program and policy issues; and advises on planning and management of resources. It works with the academic community on evaluating and implementing actions that aim to enhance students’ education and university experience. Offers consultation and implementation help on institutional surveys.

Learning Outcomes Assessment - Provides support for learning outcomes assessment, including program-based assessment, course-based assessment, and assessment of co-curricular programs and student life. It aids in the development of realistic (given available resources) yet robust assessment plans, instrument development (e.g., learning outcome measures, verbal protocols, surveys), instrument validation, data collection techniques, and dissemination strategies.

These office areas are interdependent and go hand-in-hand in helping to promote data-driven decisions for UMass Dartmouth.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is located on the second floor of the Foster Administration Building. 

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