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Amir Akhavan Masoumi

Full Time Lecturer

Computer & Information Science

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Dion 324A


2015Computer Sciences, University of Science MalaysiaPhD
2009Computer Sciences, University of Science MalaysiaMSc
2004Civil Engineering, Urmia Azad UniversityBSc


  • CIS 568/DSC 530: Data Visualization
  • EGR 111: Intro Engineering & Computing



Quality: how to assure it and verify it, and the need for a culture of quality. Avoidance of errors and other quality problems. Inspections and reviews. Testing, verification and validation techniques. Process assurance vs. Product assurance. Quality process standards. Product and process assurance. Problem analysis and reporting. Statistical approaches to quality control.

Software architectural patterns and techniques for building web applications. This course is intended to expose students to theories and principles of web-based user interface design, and a wide variety of client- and server-side technologies for developing web applications.


Research Activities

  • Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
  • Climate Change and Extreme Events Patterns
  • Cryptanalysis of Chaos-Baded Cryptography Systems
  • Adverse Events Analytics using Clinical Data


Research Interests

  • Complex Systems
  • Cognitive Science
  • Cryptography
  • Chaos Theory
  • Data Science

Select publications

Joseph Norman, Amir Akhavan, Chen Shen, David Aron, Luci Leykum, Yaneer Bar-Yam (2020).
Toward Prevention of Adverse Events Using Anticipatory Analytics
Progress in Preventive Medicine, 5, e0029.

Azam Majooni, Mona Masood, Amir Akhavan (2018).
An eye-tracking study on the effect of infographic structures on viewer’s comprehension and cognitive load
Information Visualization, 17, 257-266.

Amir Akhavan, Azman Samsudin, Afshin Akhshani (2017).
Cryptanalysis of an image encryption algorithm based on DNA encoding
Optics & Laser Technology, 95, 94-99.

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