Amir Akhavan Masoumi

Amir Akhavan Masoumi

Assistant Teaching Professor

Computer & Information Science

Curriculum Vitae



Dion 324D


2015Computer Sciences, University of Science MalaysiaPhD
2009Computer Sciences, University of Science MalaysiaMSc
2004Civil Engineering, Urmia Azad UniversityBSc


  • CIS 568/DSC 530: Data Visualization
  • EGR 111: Intro Engineering & Computing




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Project-based course on advanced data visualization techniques. Topics may include: scalable visualization methods, multidimensional data analysis, network visualization, geospatial visualization, and interactive visualization. Ethical issues in data science.


Research activities

  • Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
  • Climate Change and Extreme Events Patterns
  • Cryptanalysis of Chaos-Baded Cryptography Systems
  • Adverse Events Analytics using Clinical Data


Research interests

  • Complex Systems
  • Cognitive Science
  • Cryptography
  • Chaos Theory
  • Data Science

Select publications

See curriculum vitae for more publications

  • Joseph Norman, Amir Akhavan, Chen Shen, David Aron, Luci Leykum, Yaneer Bar-Yam (2020).
    Toward Prevention of Adverse Events Using Anticipatory Analytics
    Progress in Preventive Medicine, 5, e0029.
  • Azam Majooni, Mona Masood, Amir Akhavan (2018).
    An eye-tracking study on the effect of infographic structures on viewer’s comprehension and cognitive load
    Information Visualization, 17, 257-266.
  • Amir Akhavan, Azman Samsudin, Afshin Akhshani (2017).
    Cryptanalysis of an image encryption algorithm based on DNA encoding
    Optics & Laser Technology, 95, 94-99.

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