Wendell Brown

Professor / Chairperson

SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences




SMAST WEST (706 South Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford) 214 A


1965 Brown University B.S.
1967 Brown University M.S.
1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D

Research interests

  • Storm-forced and internal wave dynamics in the Gulf of Maine and southern New England Bight
  • Estuarine circulation
  • Design and construction of coastal ocean observing systems

Research activities

  • The response of the Gulf of Maine and adjacent coastal ocean to winter storm meteorological and tidal forcing
  • Evolution and dynamics of the winter mixed layer
  • Formation of Maine Intermediate Water in Wilkinson and Jordan Basins
  • Dynamics of the exchange mechanisms that link the coast with the deeper adjacent ocean
  • Investigating the kinematics and dynamics of transient tidal eddy-like structures east of Cape Cod with a variety of observations

Select publications

Brown, W.S., and G. M. Marques (2012).
Transient tidal eddy motion in the western Gulf of Maine, part 1: Primary structure
Cont. Shelf Res

Marques, G., and W.S. Brown (2012).
Tidal eddy motions in the western Gulf of Maine, part 2: Secondary flow
Cont. Shelf Res.

Brown, W.S. (2011).
Winter variability in the western Gulf of Maine, Part 1: Internal tides
Dynam. Atmos. Oceans, 42, 224-249.

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