Wendell Brown

Wendell Brown


SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences




School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 229


1965Brown UniversityB.S.
1967Brown UniversityM.S.
1971Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPh.D





Natural Hazards & the Ocean is primarily a descriptive course that is intended to educate students about the roles of the oceans in such natural hazards as hurricanes, earthquakes, global warming, and tsunamis. The course will address student curiosity about these ocean-related hazards, by presenting a conceptual understanding of the relevant underlying ocean-atmosphere, and earth-mediated mechanisms. The students will be presented in lecture and through their readings about how the application of the scientific method (a) overturned historical Misunderstandings of Earth geology; (b) explains the far-reaching effects of ocean storm-generated waves; (c) relates deep ocean earthquakes to tsunamis; and (d) relates how dust from the North African deserts is related to hurricane generation.


Research Activities

  • The response of the Gulf of Maine and adjacent coastal ocean to winter storm meteorological and tidal forcing
  • Evolution and dynamics of the winter mixed layer
  • Formation of Maine Intermediate Water in Wilkinson and Jordan Basins
  • Dynamics of the exchange mechanisms that link the coast with the deeper adjacent ocean
  • Investigating the kinematics and dynamics of transient tidal eddy-like structures east of Cape Cod with a variety of observations


Research Awards

  • $ 116,821.00 MARACOOS (Mid-Atlantic IOOS): Powering Understanding and Prediction of the Mid-At


Research Interests

  • Storm-forced and internal wave dynamics in the Gulf of Maine and southern New England Bight
  • Estuarine circulation
  • Design and construction of coastal ocean observing systems

Select publications

  • Brown, W.S., and G. M. Marques (2012).
    Transient tidal eddy motion in the western Gulf of Maine, part 1: Primary structure
    Cont. Shelf Res
  • Marques, G., and W.S. Brown (2012).
    Tidal eddy motions in the western Gulf of Maine, part 2: Secondary flow
    Cont. Shelf Res.
  • Brown, W.S. (2011).
    Winter variability in the western Gulf of Maine, Part 1: Internal tides
    Dynam. Atmos. Oceans, 42, 224-249.

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