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Transferring from another school in the U.S.

Transferring to UMassD from another school in the U.S.

This page explains how to transfer your SEVIS I-20 or DS 2019 to UMass Dartmouth from your current U.S. school. Each circumstance is different. 

If you are outside the U.S. already, or planning to leave the U.S. before beginning study at UMass Dartmouth, or have any other special circumstances that may affect your transfer request, please email us immediately at

When you decide to seek transfer admission to UMass Dartmouth, you should:

  • Complete the UMass Dartmouth admissions application process.  This is a separate procedure from the transfer of your SEVIS record to UMass Dartmouth and is handled by our Undergraduate Admissions Office or Graduate Studies.
  • Work with the international advisor at your current school to determine the effective date of your SEVIS transfer to UMass Dartmouth and have your SEVIS record updated. These are the SEVIS codes for UMass Dartmouth:

SEVIS codes for UMass Dartmouth

  • Main Campus: BOS214F00652000
  • Law School: BOS214F00652001
  • School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST): BOS 214F00652002
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA): BOS 214F00652003


  • Once the effective date of your SEVIS transfer to us has passed, your SEVIS record will be active at UMass Dartmouth, not at your transfer-out school.
  • If you have completed your current program, you must complete the transfer process before the end of your 60-DAY GRACE PERIOD or your record will become inactive
  • You must enroll at UMass Dartmouth during the very next term after leaving your present institution (or the first term after vacation) and within 5 months of leaving your present program.

To obtain your new UMass Dartmouth SEVIS I-20 or DS 2019:

  • Report to the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC), which is located in Suite 7123 of Pine Dale Hall as soon as possible after arriving in the area.
  • Bring along:
    • your I-20 or DS 2019 from your former school (either a photocopy or your original student copy)
    • your passport and visa
    • your current I-94 record
  • (If you are out of the U.S., please notify us).  

The ISSC staff will

  • Welcome you to UMass Dartmouth
  • Verify your registration at UMass Dartmouth and update your SEVIS record
  • Answer your questions