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Student Employment

Important information about student employment. We also review this topic at our International Student Orientation.

Students on F-1 or J-1 visas are generally permitted to work part-time on campus while attending UMass Dartmouth and maintaining full-time student status.


  • In some instances, students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are permitted to work off-campus.
  • Each kind of employment has its own regulations and limits.
  • Campus employment procedures must be followed to obtain required paperwork and permission.

Ask questions about anything you don't understand about international student employment. Not following the regulations can have serious consequences for your study and your visa status.

Social Security Numbers

You will need to apply for and receive a Social Security Number (SSN) from the U.S. Social Security Administration in order to work at UMass Dartmouth. 

Here is information from the Social Security Office regarding an easier process for you to apply for your social security card. 

By completing the application with this link :

Request a Social Security number | SSA , or click on the SSN QR Code, you just have to complete this online application first and then visit the office within 45 days of completion of the application to submit your documents (passports, visa, I-20, etc.).  Your application will already be in the database so you will not have to complete it at the SSO.

In the U.S., your Social Security Number is used in many different kinds of record-keeping systems, so it is important to keep it private and give it only to organizations and persons who are authorized to ask you for it.

A frequently asked question is: will I pay Social Security taxes?

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