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Marine Renewable Energy 2020 Steering Committee

Marine Renewable Energy 2020 Steering Committee

This year's Marine Renewable Energy Conference is being guided by a Steering Committee of thought leaders.


Alf Carroll
Alf Carroll

Raytheon Technologies, Inc.

Bill Staby
Bill Staby

Resolute Marine

Chris Hardy
Chris Hardy

Mayflower Wind

Elise Rapoza
Elise Rapoza

UMass Dartmouth

Jennifer Garson
Jennifer Garson

Department of Energy, Water Power Technologies Office

John Miller
John Miller

Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative

Megan Amsler
Megan Amsler

Self-Reliance - Clean Energy

Maggie Merrill
Maggie L. Merrill

Marine Marketing Services, Conference Manager

Reza Hashemi
Reza Hashemi

University of Rhode Island

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