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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is an important issue. Therefore it is important that you understand all policies regarding academic integrity. You can find details on academic integrity in our Student Handbook.  If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Mary Beckwith in the Student Affairs office at 508.910.6402.

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Book Orders and Bookstore

Book orders for course texts are placed through the UMass Dartmouth Campus Store. Orders should be placed with as much lead time as possible before the start of your course. For further information on how to place book orders, please call the bookstore at 508.999.8185.

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Campus Security and Personal Safety

If you witness behavior that threatens any individual or property in the campus, please don't hesitate to contact Public Safety immediately at their emergency number (508) 999-9191.

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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) at UMass Dartmouth assists its students by integrating the areas of career development, job opportunities, internships, and technology into their academic experience. For further information on their services, please visit their offices in the Campus Center.

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Class Rosters

Class rosters can be viewed in COIN (Corsairs Online INformation). The following link provides instructions to be able to view your class roster: Please keep in mind that rosters may change during the first weeks of class.

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a range of services to help students develop improved coping skills to address emotional, interpersonal and academic concerns. It provides individual, couples and group counseling, and psychiatric services. The Center offers primarily short-term counseling, and will help students initiate referrals to community-based services when students need specialized or longer term services.

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Disruptive Classroom Behavior

If students are engaged in any inappropriate, but non-threatening behavior, please report it to the office of Student Affairs, located in the Campus Center, room 221A, or by calling at 508.910.6402.

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Final Examinations

Faculty members may not reschedule the times for their final examinations. Faculty members have the obligation to restrict the administration of final examinations, if required, to the official examination periods that are assigned by the registrar. Final examinations should not be administered during the last week of classes or during the study period, nor on the Study Day. The Academic Calendar is available on the UMass Dartmouth website.

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Grades and Grading System

Please review UMass Dartmouth’s policies on grading undergraduate students in our Undergraduate Catalog, which is available on the College Website under Academics. If you have any questions regarding completion of final grades, please consult with your Department Chair.

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Grade Appeals

Please review UMass Dartmouth’s policy on grade appeals on the Academic Advising website at Grade Appeal and Grades Amnesty - UMass Dartmouth.

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Grade Changes

An instructor may request a change of grade only when a computational or procedural error occurred in the original grade assignment. No final grade may be changed as a result of re-examination, the re-evaluation of work submitted, and/or assigning additional [extra credit] work before or after the end of the term, unless all students enrolled in the class are afforded the same opportunity. (Incomplete grades may be an exception.  See item 5.) A grade change must be approved by the chairperson of the instructor's department and by the dean of the college within one year of the original grade record.

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Placement Tests

All UMass Dartmouth students must take a Math class and an English class, and the placement tests help determine which class level is appropriate for you. Students receive placement testing information in their admission packets. For information regarding placement tests, please contact the Academic Advising Center: 508-999-8455.

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Services for Students with Special Needs

By law, students with a disability do not have to self-disclose or register with the Center for Access and Success. If, on the other hand, a student is seeking academic accommodations or adjustments, he/she must contact our office to request services. In order to determine eligibility for an academic adjustment/auxiliary aid, the student must register at Center for Access and Success and provide documentation of the disability. The documentation must be current, provide a clear diagnosis by the appropriate professional, and specify the functional limitations related to the disability. At that point, a decision of appropriate academic accommodation(s) is made. These determinations are made on a case-by-case basis. Students must complete accommodation request forms each semester for the specific courses for which they are requesting accommodations. Accommodations for exams, papers, and assignments can not be made retroactively. More information can be found on the Center for Access and Success web site.

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Student Course Evaluations

At the end of each course, students are given the opportunity to evaluate the course using a scan-sheet-questionnaire. Course evaluations are an important part of tenure and promotion decisions. It is important to see that these are conducted. Evaluation forms and scan-sheets are available in your department at the end of each semester. Ultimately, it is the Chair's responsibility to share the results of the evaluation with faculty prior to having them filed in the faculty personnel file. All student evaluations are to be included in the candidate's tenure and promotion files.

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Student Health Services

Health Services is an outpatient facility located in the back of Roberts Hall and across from Pinedale. The office can evaluate and treat most problems that students have; sore throats, coughs, the flu, skin problems, GYN problems, birth control, orthopedic injuries, and stress issues are some of the more common complaints.

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Student Records (confidentiality)

If a person requests information about a student's performance, attendance or any other personal information, please refer him/her to the office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in the Campus Center, room 224, or by calling at 508.999.8640. No faculty member should discuss student's personal information with anyone other than the student.

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Tutoring Services

It is important to identify students who may be in academic difficulties as early as possible. Students who may have a problem with literacy or assignments may be referred to the Academic Resource Center.

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