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Our most frequently asked questions about UMass Pass and the Auxiliary Services Center.

If I lose my UMass Pass what should I do?

Report your UMass Pass lost or stolen by following the lost/stolen UMass Pass procedures.

Can I reactivate an old UMass Pass card?

No. Old UMass Pass cards can no longer be reactivated. Also, students are only allowed one active UMass Pass at a time. Once a new UMass Pass is purchased and/or replaced, the old card will automatically deactivate, and cannot be reactivated.

Replacement cards are $30 payable at time of issue—no exceptions or refunds once the $30 is paid for the replacement card.

Where can I buy envelopes, get copies made, or send faxes?

The Auxiliary Services Center sells mailing envelopes. It also provides the services of making copies and sending faxes; fees apply. 

Which off-campus businesses accept my UMass Pass?

You can use the UMDollars on your UMass Pass to pay at many local off-campus locations.

Can I withdraw UMDollars?

Balances on your UMDollars account roll over from term to term and year to year. There are no fees associated with UMDollars; however, unlike an ATM, UMDollars funds are not available for cash withdrawal.

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with my UMDollars?

Yes! You many not purchase alcohol or cigarettes with UMDollars—no exceptions, even if you are older than 21.

What should I do if my card will not allow me access into my residence hall?

Stop by the Auxiliary Services Center, located on the ground floor of the campus center next to the Blue and Gold room and Campus Store. You can also reach the Auxiliary Services Center at 508.999.8134 or

What should I do if I switched residences but my card won't allow me to into my new residence?

Make sure you have properly checked out of your previous residence and into your new residence. Call the Office of Housing and Residential Education at 508.999.8140 to make sure you have followed all required procedures and filled out all necessary documentation.


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