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Sustainability Studies Minor Program

The undergraduate Sustainability Studies Minor is a multidisciplinary approach in which students gain an understanding of the theory and practice of sustainability.

This program looks to discover and examine humanity's philosophies and practices, past and present, as they relate to the natural and social world, and consider what new or alternative philosophies and practices might be capable of providing a sustainable, balanced, and ethical future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Minor Coursework

The minor helps students develop both broad understanding and practical skills and opportunities that will contribute to their marketability to potential employers, including private businesses interested in greening their production methods, public agencies, think tanks, and non-profit organizations.

These understandings and skills include:

  • The addition of the important sustainability knowledge base to their present baccalaureate degree.
  • The ability to identify unsustainable practices and to offer the latest science and technological solutions to reduce the impact of these practices.
  • The potential to affect contemporary policy implementation at the local, regional, national, and global levels.
  • A deeper understanding of the local and global challenges to sustainability from economic, environmental and social perspectives.

In order to earn a minor degree in Sustainability Studies, students must complete 18 credits of coursework, as follows:

  • SUS 101, Principles of Sustainability, OR SUS 202, Topics in Sustainability
  • Two electives at any level (these MAY double-count toward major requirements)
  • Two electives numbered 300 or above (these may NOT double-count toward major requirements)
  • SUS 450, Advanced Seminar in Sustainability Studies

Electives may be drawn from courses with the SUS prefix and the list of approved electives offered by other departments.

To declare a Sustainability Minor, simply complete a Sustainability Minor Request Form.